Time to Upgrade Your Plumbing?

We sell plumbing supplies in Waskom, TX

You always want durable materials for your plumbing, well casing, or electrical work. Waskom Hardware carries basic electrical and plumbing supplies to assist with your home improvement projects. Not sure what you need? Speak to any of our employees about the project you're working on and they'll be able to walk you through the process! You can pick up wiring, breakers, PVC or CPVC pipe, valves, black iron or galvanized fittings and much more from our Waskom, TX store. Feel free to call (903) 687-4300 with any questions!

Keeping your major systems in great shape

Keeping your major systems in great shape

Our well supply selection is the best you can find. With our high-quality equipment and parts, you can:

Upgrade your well casing
Install new pressure tanks and pressure switches
Replace your outdated well water pump

We carry Franklin Electric and Red Lion well pumps. Our experts can help you determine what equipment works best for your next project.